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War is Declared!

24 Oct 2013

Neville Chamberlain was the British Prime Minister in the 1930s.
He visited Adolf Hitler in Germany several times to try and prevent war happening.
When Britain's ally, Poland, was invaded, Britain decided 'enough was enough'.
On 3rd September, 1939, Neville Chamberlain announced that
Britain was at war with Germany.

We listened to the broadcast of Chamberlain's speech.


We thought about and discussed how different people would have reacted to the news.
Here are just two of our responses to the news.

War is Declared!
Response of an Adult
by Benito
I remember the day when the war was announced. 
Neville Chamberlain was on the radio.
He told the country that the UK would fight against Germany.
It was petrifying because Hitler was a clever man ...
He would hit nearly the whole country with bombs from the air-force.
I was too young to die then.
It was, however, a chance to show who had a brave country
and how we would fight well against the enemy.
I was with my mum at the time.
She was so upset and nervous, she went pale.



War is Declared!
Response of a Child
by Ella
I remember the day when the war was announced.
Neville Chamberlain's voice rang out even after the speech.
We were at war again after the first World War.
Another war to destroy our fragile world even more.
Well, at least everyone knows now.
No more being in the dark.
Mummy says she'll still have to send me away so I don't get bombed.
But I won't.
I'll hide away in St. Paul's Cathedral until it's all over.
Mummy also said that I have to give her all my savings
so we can stock up on food and get a gas mask,
or something like that.
I'll let you into a little secret ...
I heard Mummy saying to Granny that
Daddy had to go away and fight and ...
for the first time I am scared
and concerned

for an adult.

Do let Ella and Benito know what you think of their writing.

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I can't really tell myself what I thought of my work but Benito's was good ,there both from really different perspectives but both have the same feelings. Ella
Ms Jane Blackborow - 06 Nov 2013 - 18:51
Thank you for your feedback. The standard of writing is amazingly brilliant in our class. We have so many styles and viewpoints. Aren't we lucky? Ms Soar
Ms Heather Soar - 06 Nov 2013 - 20:14
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