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Science Week 2013 - Day 3

22 Mar 2013

Science Week 2013 - Day 3
The discovery of the 'EGG'
We were extremely EGGCITED!!!

First, when we arrived at school we noticed part of the garden area cornered off with a 'Fire Do Not Cross' sign.We were wondering what was going on.....


Next, we went into our classroom and shared our thoughts on what we witnessed on the playground this morning.

Then we were told that there is going to be a whole school assembly in the Main Hall to discuss this situation.

Minutes later we were introduced to a scientist, fireman, RSPCA and a builder. We were informed that an egg about 30cm was discovered by a  builder whilst digging up the playground.  There were lots of smoke arising in the air after the digging so a fireman arrived on the scene.  A scientist from the Natural History Museum as well as the RSPCA was ca
lled to investigate this matter further.

     After the assembly we went outside to explore the area hoping to get  a glimpse of the egg.  When we returned to class our minds were popping with questions about the EGG. Here are some of our questions:

How long do you think the egg has been in the ground?
Will the egg be forced open to see what is inside?
Leyla & Esme

Do we know what type of egg it is?
Has this type of egg been discovered anywhere else in the world?
Anna & Joel

Do you think the egg will hatch?

Where is the smoke coming from?

How long can this egg stay in school?
Which countries have discovered this kind of egg before?
Is this a set-up?
Lily & Ben

How did the smoke get there?
How much does the egg weigh?
Lucy & Lewis

How long do you think the egg has been there?
Do you think more eggs will appear?
Asia & Rachel

How long will the egg be observed for?
What caused the smoke?
How old is the egg?
How can we find out what is inside?


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Lewis came home and told the family with excitement about the 'EGG' what an exciting day at school.
Miss Lynsey Mein - 22 Mar 2013 - 22:51
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