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World War Two Evacuee

01 Oct 2012

5KC would like to thank Lily's great aunt (Joanie) for visiting Year 5 and sharing her experience as a World War Two Evacuee!

MARTHA WAKEFIELD:  I thought Aunt Joanie's talk was very interesting because she mentioned how fortunate she was as a evacuee.  Unlike other children she got to live in a mansion, she got to wear lovely clothes donated by other countries and she was challenged to say the alphabets backwards.  It was really enjoyable learning about WW2 from Aunt Joanie's point of view.

RACHEL BERRY: It was great listening to Aunt Joanies experience of being a evacuee.  Most children hated it but Aunt Joanie was vey lucky because she and her sister, her cousin and three other kids got to live in a really massive mansion (far bigger than the house she actually lived in!)  Aunt Joanie was the oldest so she was allowed to explore the dfferent parts of the mansion.  She also had a big field to play in and plenty of toys.



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