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10 Mar 2014

This half term we have been reading various short stories by Madhur Jaffrey,
from her collection entitled, 'Seasons of Splendour'.  
This week we began work on turning her stories into play-scripts.  
We read the and discussed the story: ' The Serpent King',
then decided on roles for our groups before acting out the story.

A cowherd was telling Krishna about the terrible deeds the Serpent King had done.
How Krishna killed the Serpent King.
The Serpent King dragged all of Krishna's friends into his underwater lair.
Krishna killed the Serpent King and revived his friends.
The cowherd was telling Krishna about the Serpent King.
The Serpent King was killed at last!
The cowherd explained what was happening to the animals.
Krishna squeezed the Serpent Kings heads.
The Serpent King was about to kill Krishna's friends.
Krishna was killing the Serpent King with his powerful arms.

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This was quite unprofessional as we didn't have much time but I enjoy have a little laugh and the acting was very enjoyable! Maia
Ms Avril Lincoln - 31 Mar 2014 - 18:51
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