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Year 5 Fundraiser - Snooker Table

19 Jul 2012

A few months ago Farkhan Ahmed, Saff Butt, Luke Walker and Jacob Payne from 5MJ approached Miss Jordaan and asked if they could have a snooker club in school. They even asked Jill who had the same thoughts as Miss Jordaan.

A few questions followed: Where are they going to get a snooker table?
Who is going to pay for a snooker table?
How can we raise money for a snooker table?
Who is going to play snooker?
Who is going to run the club?
They were a bit disappointed at first with all these questions, but that did not stop them....

A few weeks ago they approached Miss Jordaan with a proposal as to how they will raise money for their snooker table.   

They proposed to have a non-uniform day and a cake sale. They knew which shop they wanted to buy the snooker table from and they knew exactly how much money they needed.
£60 was their target.

On the 13th of July they joined forces with the girls who raised money for cancer and they shared the non uniform money brought in by the year 5s.    

The boys brought in their own cakes and cold drinks to sell. They were in good spirits when the Year 2s arrived first to buy cakes from their stall.  

Once all their cakes were sold they were very eager to start counting the money but they had to tidy up their stall first and put the tables and chairs away. I've never seen 4 boys tidy up so quickly after themselves.  

As they were approaching the door to go inside to count their money they started talking nervously about, "What if they don't have enough money?"  "Can they do another cake sale?"

Firstly they've sorted all the coins and they then added up all the money. 

Anxious faces disappeared and was quickly replaced with smiles as wide as the river Thames.   

They raised £62.50.  Just enough to buy their brand new snooker table.
 The boys are still smiling......

They couldn't wait to share their news with the office staff.  Mrs Sheally offered to buy the snooker table on their behalf and she brought it in on Tuesday.  The boys were very quick to set it all up. They had their first game straight away.

They also explained to KS2 during assembly how to look after the snooker table and that they will be running a club next term. 


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