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Boudicca's rebellion

19 Nov 2016


In History this week we imagined we were Boudicca trying to persuade her tribe to rebel against the Romans.

Brave people, the Romans are coming to kill all of us and make our tribe part of their Empire. We are brave and we can stick up for ourselves. Who's with me ? I can't rise up on my own.


Iceni tribe, I your Queen Boudicca am here to persuade you to fight the Roman army. They have rudely humiliated me and my daughters. They said they are seizing our land and taking our money. The Romans are dishonourable,dishonest and can't keep a promise. Look they have disregarded my husband's law and they said the law has changed. Are you with me ?


Honourable Iceni tribe, I, your Queen think we can bravely rise up to the foolish Romans. They cruelly humiliated me and my daughters. We shall fight the dishonest Romans so we will have our land, make it peaceful and not pay taxes. Let's fight for what is rightfully ours. The greedy bullies will not defeat us ,we are stronger. Let's get ready for battle. So who is with me ?


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