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English - Big Writing

08 Feb 2015


Here are some extracts from our writing about
'My day at Super hero school'.

I can go through the walls.
I can be invisible.
I can play super hero games.
I can fly with my cape.
I can lazer from my eyes.

'Firstly I am going to learn to see through walls'. Next I am going to learn to fly. Next I learned how to turn into a monster! After a while I learnt how to escape...When I'm gone people will think 'Where is he?!'

I am getting my super hero costume. I am going to super hero school and I am going to eat my lunch. I am going to fly and see through walls. During lunchtime I'll eat my superscrunching chips. 

At my super hero school I firstly have to change my clothes. Then I have to go to my teacher. She has see through wall powers. We have to learn to change in a telephone box. After a while we can have lunch then we can have maths lessons. Finally we can do golden time. I can play draughts and super heroes... 

My teacher has super strength and she taught me how to make myself strong. I tried and tried until I did it. Then it was lunch time. After that I had lazer eye lessons....

At super hero school we do dress up as super heroes. We dress up as any super hero. We did a word search and the teacher took photos of us. Next we went to play in the snow because it was playtime... 

My day at super hero school. I would like to do magic. I would like to fly. I would like to do lessons. I would like ot be a magic super hero. I would like to run fast.

First we learn to run really fast in super hero land. After a while I went to where the super hero school was. There were super heroes flying around everywhere...

I like to look through walls. My name is Super girl. Next I went to the running because I liked it. Eventually it was lunch time. The cook made a super cake....When the teacher lifted up the walls it was playtime. I was playing with my best friend.

First I was a little bit shy but so was flying across the whole school. I had a lovely teacher but I am on a different level now. The teacher that I have now is much more strict! I am the best in my class! There are lots of different classes. I am in a really high level. I have been learning how to spin in the air because there is a competition and I want to win it because my family is very poor!  ...

First we learnt to run super fast. After a while we learnt how to fly. Next we have lunch. Then we learn how to see through walls. After that we learn how to get changed really fast. When that is finished we learn how to grow our hair really fast. Eventually we learn how to make lots and lots of food in one minute....

Firstly I am going to learn about flying. After a while I will learn to see through walls. My teacher has flying super powers. Next I am going to eat my food. Today we are learning about saving people in the class...Next we are going to learn about looking carefully through walls. ....

I will learn how to see through walls, run fast, breathe under water and fly. Rules: 1. You need to have an invisibility cape.
2. You need to do it in time.
3. Everyone needs to be here. Super hero school is fun! You can do it in different ways. 
One of the silly rules is to write in some of it! (and a bit like school.)(It may be a bit noisy too.)

Firstly I will learn to fly... this is how I did it. I pointed my arm out then I run fast. Next I jumped high.  I learnt to see through walls. This is how I did it...I put special glasses on so I can see how many cups are in my friend's hand. I learn to get strong and this is how I did it... I ate lots of vegetables.....
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