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Week 3 Maths Homework
25 Sep 2020
Week 3 Spelling words
25 Sep 2020
Maths 18.9.20
18 Sep 2020




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English - Friday 17th July 2020

16 Jul 2020

Shout out!

Hi Year 4s. To celebrate the last day of year 4 lets do some shout outs.
A shout out is saying thank you to someone for being awesome. 

My shout out is to the whole Handsworth community. All the staff, parents, brothers and sisters and of course you! I feel so lucky to be a part of such an amazing school. Everyone always is smiling and having fun. Thanks for being awesome!
- Mr Dawes
Post your shout outs below in the comments section!




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My shout out is to my lovely 4MJ classmates and teachers! You are all so amazing and I've missed you in this crazy, weird lockdown world! I wish lockdown was only in Minecraft so I could turn it off! I can't wait to see you all in September! From Jaiden xx
Mr Daniel Crashley - 17 Jul 2020 - 07:36
Thank you Miss Jordaan for being the worlds best teacher and thank you to all the teachers and all my friends for keeping me company throughout the school years i miss you all and i hope to see you all soon. Have a great summer holiday! From Adam
Mrs EJuan Wu - 17 Jul 2020 - 11:09
Last edited on 17 Jul 2020 - 12:46
Thank you miss Jordaan and all the teachers for your support over the last year, I have enjoyed my time with 4mJ .Thank you to my friends, I hope you are well and safe. Have a great summer from Arlo πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜
Mr Andrew Booth - 17 Jul 2020 - 12:06
My shout out is to all the teachers, students and parents, thankyou for a really lovely year, ( even though it's not been a normal year ). Thankyou πŸ€— Meera
Ms Penny Hari - 17 Jul 2020 - 12:24
My shout out is thanking everybody in 4MJ!πŸ‘ I really miss you so much! I can’t wait to get back to school! With a special shout out to Miss Jordaan! πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ˜˜ From Edward
Mrs Erica Corbett - 17 Jul 2020 - 13:57
Shout outs to all my friends, teachers and classmates. Especially my FABULOUS AND AMAZING TEACHER MISS JORDAAN! Miss Jordaan, I really don't want to leave you but I have to. You have been a very funny and exciting teacher to me. You are full of surprises! You are my favourite teacher of all Handsworth teachers. I hope you have a great year, Aiza.
Mrs Afshan Fuzail Islam - 18 Jul 2020 - 12:34
Ms Penny Hari - 08 Aug 2020 - 19:22
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