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1RE designs reflective clothing

10 Dec 2013

In our science lessons we have been thinking about light.  Today we learnt about things that reflect light.

We thought about whether a metal spoon is a light source.  Some of us thought it was because it is shiny. We put our metal spoon in our dark box to test if we could see it - we couldn't! We needed to use a torch. This taught us that a metal spoon is not a light source but reflects light.

We then thought about what we could do to clothes to make them more visible in the dark and had a competition to design the most reflective winter clothing using a range of shiny and non-shiny materials...







We took it in turns to have a look at everyone's work and vote who had designed the best reflective clothing...


The votes came in and the winners were...



What other reflective materials and objects can you find at home?

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