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Space homework
22 Feb 2016
Year 1 homework
29 Jan 2016
Math homework
18 Nov 2015




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Space homework

22 Feb 2016

Year 1 Space Homework Project – (February - March 2016)
  • Children must complete at least 1 activity from rows a, b, and c.  They must choose which activities to try and how many to do.  Children may also come up with their own ideas even if they are not on the grid.
  • The first project must be completed by Friday 26th February 2016. 
  • The second project must be handed in by Friday 11th March 2016 and the third project by Wednesday 23rd March 2016. (Additional projects that the children choose to complete can be handed in as and when they are completed.)
Seven ways to learn
  1. What do I know and understand?
  1. Can I apply and show that I know?
  1. Can I question and compare?
  1. What can I create?
(a)I enjoy reading, writing and speaking Choose a planet and write 10 interesting facts about it. Present your work in an interesting way. Imagine you are lost in space. Write a short passage about how you would come back down to Earth Find out about ‘Space’. What makes the planet earth special? Design and make your own earth poster. Write your own story set on a planet in space. Does your planet have aliens? Describe the setting. Use adjectives (interesting describing words)
(b)I enjoy working with numbers and being scientific Keep a moon diary. Record the date and draw the shape of the moon. Present your work in a booklet. What is a satellite and why do we need them? Present your work in an interesting way. Make up an alien maths game. Think about the rules and write an information sheet explaining your maths game. You can even make a board game to go with it! Design your own planet. Think of the colour and the shape of your planet. How many people/aliens live on your planet? How far is it from the sun? Present your work in a poster and label the information.
(c)I enjoy painting and drawing Look outside your window and draw a picture of what you see in the sky, use paint, chalk, felt pens, pencils or crayons. Create a picture/poster of the sun and the stars in outer space. Compare how planet Earth is different to any other planet.  Draw a labelled picture to show the differences. Make a telescope or a rocket out of junk modelling.

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