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Year 1 learning

22 Sep 2015

Here is what we have been learning in Year 1 so far.....

Role play







Number bonds


Practising our writing.

We have been looking at our 5 senses and we walked around the school listening to all the different sounds.




Then we used our sense of smell to guess what is in the pots! 

Qais is it chewing gum or toothpaste?



Poor Emily did not like the smell of that onion - I don't blame her!


Still to come.... Spiders!!


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I loved this experiment!I loved the chocolate smell the most! I didn't like the mint smell at all!! I love doing role play, doing my bit of the story, since we actually get to re-tell the story. I like doing number bonds because they are challenging for me and I love challenges! School really is good, I like year 1!! Cliodhna
Mrs Fiona Buckley - 20 Oct 2015 - 16:41
I'm so glad you are enjoying Year 1 Cliodhna!
Ms Sumra Nadeem - 02 Nov 2015 - 14:25
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