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Exploring direction in Numeracy.

07 Feb 2012


This week we've been exploring direction in maths. We discussed forwards, backwards, up, down, left and right. We've also been learning about full turns, half turns and quarter turns. 

We used the computer and smart board to explore direction. The children were given directions by the computer to lead the man to the treasure. If they followed these directions correctly then the man found the treasure when he finished digging.

Some of the children explored direction using 'bee bots'. These are small computerised bees or in this case trucks. The children press the arrows to tell the truck where to go and then press 'go' to see it move. The children gave a sequence of directions and used directional language whilst playing.

We also used a drawing tool on the smart board to create pictures by giving directions to the robot. Whilst doing this we discussed left and right, up and down, forward and back and turning.

We had to direct the mole towards the worm to feed him. We used forwards, left and right as well as 90, 180 and 360 degrees. 

We also went into the hall to explore direction whilst navigating our way around an assault course. Lots of FUN!

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The web pages of this class are colourful, informative, brilliant, creative, fantastic... Congratulation to all of you!
Mr Garip Aksut - 08 Feb 2012 - 13:58
Last edited on 08 Feb 2012 - 14:03
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