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Science investigation.

07 Feb 2012


Today we investigated magnets. We guessed which materials would be attracted to the magnet and which wouldn't and then we tested them. After this we sorted materials into 'magnetic' and 'non magnetic'. We found that all of the magnetic objects were made from metal but not all metals were magnetic. We also discussed why magnets repel each other. New words we learnt today are 'magnetic', 'attraction', 'repel', 'force' and 'poles'. Here we are carrying out our investigations and exploring magnets:

We used our 'Magnet Man' to identify 'magnetic' and 'not magnetic' objects. We fed him the objects and if he liked them enough to eat them (attracted them) we knew they were magnetic!

We found that these things were magnetic because they were attracted to the magnet. When we let go they stuck to the magnet.

We found that these things were not magnetic. They did not stick to the magnet and they fell when we let go.

We designed a track on card and guided our paper clip around using the magnet underneath. The paper clip stayed on the paper as it was attracted to the magnet. We enjoyed this game!

We played a racing game. One person stood on each side of the table. When the whistle blew each child had to attract magnetic objects to their side of the table using their magnet and just one hand. There were some non-magnetic objects in there as well to make it more difficult. The person with the most magnetic objects on their side of the table at the end was the winner.

We played a fishing game fishing for magnetic objects.

Here we are having sorted all our materials into 'magnetic' and 'non magnetic'. Tell the name of a material and we'll be able to tell you if it's magnetic or not.

Exploring the magnets.

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