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1RE finds out exactly how big a blue whale is...

08 Jul 2014

We have been reading the story 'The Snail and the Whale' and thought it was about time we found out some whale facts.

We read the Non-fiction book 'The Big Blue Whale' which was full of interesting facts ( you can listen to a reading of the story by following this link http://vimeo.com/60259773 ).

Some of the facts that we found out amazed us!

Did you know that the blue whale can grow up to 30 metres long - we thought we'd better go outside and see how big this distance was.


Niamh was the head of the whale


Kristina marked the tail of the whale
Did you know a blue whale's eye is the same size as a tea cup...

And a blue whale's ear is the same size a pencil tip...

As you can see, to put this all into context, we also tried to see if we could lie down head to toe to become the same length as the blue whale...






Even with the whole class lying down we weren't the same length as a blue whale.  Then someone suggested that Miss Edwards lies down.  With Miss Edwards as part of our line we were able to make the length of the blue whale - hurray!

Can you remember any other whale facts?
What was your favourite?
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