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Lost and Found!

09 Jun 2014

Last week 1RE were visited by Spikey the Giant African Snail.  He looks exactly like the snail from the story 'The Snail and the Whale' that we are studying at the moment. We think the story is all about Spikey's adventures.

On the first day with us we all had a good up-close look at Spikey and thought about what questions we would like to ask Mrs Soar (Spikey's Mummy) about him (or her, Giant African Snails are hermaphrodites).








 Mrs Soar came and visited the class.  She was very impressed by the questions we had written.




Here are some of the facts that we found out...
Jibrael - 'He is a land snail'
Emma - 'They need the shell for their home'
Jacob - 'In Africa there are lots of birds that like to eat snails so they have their shells for protection.'
Rose - 'He is an actual African Land Snail but he was born in England.'
Reuben - 'He doesn't have teeth, he uses his rough tongue to eat'

Then we all lied down on our backs so we could see Spikey's foot...


OH NO!  
On Thursday morning we realised Spikey was no longer in our classroom!  We had a good look around but he was missing - we jumped to action and made missing Spikey the Snail posters and put them up all around the school in the hope that someone found him.  Parent's were keeping a look out on Handsworth Avenue too.








Spikey was still missing on Friday...

On Monday morning we went to our signing assembly and found a rather large shape hidden underneath a cloth ...

Miss Walter looked underneath the cloth...


 YIPEE!!!! - it was Spikey!!  We were very happy to see him safe and sound!  How he got there is still a mystery...

Sign in and write about what you think Spikey was doing whilst he was lost.
Can you remember any other Giant African Snail facts?  Share them below!


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