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Where the wild things are conscience alley

13 May 2014

As part of our study of the story 'Where the wild things are' we looked into whether Max really had a forest grow in his bedroom and went on a boat to where the wild things are.

First we talked about our ideas on the carpet - we love listneing to eachother, it is a great way to learn.

Next we split into different groups.  If we had yellow paper we had to write down why we thought a forest really grew in Max's bedroom and that he went to meet the wild things.  If we had red paper we had to write down why we thought a forest couldn't have grown in Max's bedroom and why we thought he didn't really meet the wild things.










We then made a conscience alley.  If we were in a yellow group we stood on one side and if we were in the red group we stood on the other side.  We then had to take it in turns to tell Miss Edwards our reasons so she could decide which group had made the best argument.




 Some of the red reasons included...
'Max fell off his head and bumped it so it was all a dream'
'Trees can't grow in bedrooms'
'You can't get a river in the middle of your bedroom'
'Max was thinking of a show he had seen'
'Max wouldn't have been able to sail for that long with little food to eat'
'The wild things are people dressed up'

Some of the yellow reasons included...
'Mum had dropped some seeds in Max's bedroom and they grew'
'It was by magic'
'Mum hid seeds and monster eggs in Max's bedroom and watered them every night without Max finding out'
'Max wanted to have an adventure'
'There is a river by Maz's house and that's how he got to sea'

Who do you think came up with the best reasons?  
Leave your answer below!


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