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Blog 9.3.2012

09 Mar 2012


Beau - My favourite thing this week was learning to play rugby. I'm going to be a rugby person when I'm older so keep an eye out for me I may be a star on the telly! I learnt how to pass the ball behind me. I was good at that. I passed it to Emmanuel.


Zara - My favourite thing was when Callum and I made the welsh dragon for the display. We had to stick the red tissue paper onto the dragons face. I liked using the glue because my hands got all messy! The display is white and green and has a dragon, some daffodils and some leeks on it so come and see it! 

Omari - This week I enjoyed the country dancing because I liked going under everybodys arms. My partner was Aliyah. Miss Dale thought we were really good but I think we needed more practise! I liked playing rugby as well because I liked passing the ball backwards.

Iman - My favourite thing was making the 'Owl and Pussy-Cat' boats. I liked it because I used pink paper and this is my favourite colour. Come and see my boat in the classroom! It is good. I can show you how to make one. I can answer your questions if you have any.

Emmanuel - I liked playing rugby this week because it was fun. I really liked passing the ball to my partner in my team. I was really good at that. Kevin passed to me and I passed to Beau. I threw it fast. In rugby you have to pass the ball backwards.
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