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What have we been up to in school Council this year so far?

01 Apr 2015

So far we have been picking out different suggestions in meetings from the suggestion boxes  and we thought these were the most mature ones which Jill has  said yes to.
* To have small bins for after and before school clubs. 
*We might be able to have beef instead of turkey for school dinners. We just need to wait for Mrs Day to ask her boss first. We will let you know as soon as we can.
* We will provide every class with some new wet play equipment. Again we will let you know when you will get this.

Do remember that suggestions need to be something we,as a school council can make possible. If it's something linked to your own lessons, then you need to ask your own teacher. Remember also to make your suggestions sensible e.g. we can't have a swimming pool!! It won't fit in anywhere!
We are always asked if we can have tomato ketchup in school dinners and the answer is always "No!" Some people have tomato allergies and we need to keep everyone healthy.
We really appreciate your suggestions. They are making such a difference to our school! Thankyou!!  

From all of us at your School council Happy Easter!!!!!

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