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Our first week in RHW

19 Sep 2017










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19 Sep 2017 19:31
Last edited on 19 Sep 2017 - 19:31
So lovely to see my daughter settling in so well and making friends and enjoying herself. Thanks for all the hard work that Miss Walters and Mrs Taj have done and may the children continue to learn, make friends and have fun!!!
19 Sep 2017 19:35
Fantastic photos, thankyou for sharing. Poppy and Riley are loving looking at them and telling me about what they have been up too! Poppy loved the hunt for the teddies 😍 You have done such a great job settling them and making the first week super fun! They are very lucky x
21 Sep 2017 09:39
Lovely photos Miss Walters and Mrs Taj great to see them enjoying themselves. Archie is having a lovely time thank you for your efforts with them all.
28 Sep 2017 23:53
Stanley really enjoyed discovering Betty the class bear drinking juice in the dinnerhall! Such a child-centred way to tour school and introduce the lunch hall.


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