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Celebrating Sense-Sational Science Week
Miss Jordaan
05 Apr 2019  -  Pri: 02/06/2019
Attention - Sense-Sational Science Week
Miss Jordaan
04 Mar 2019
Science - Spring Term
Miss Jordaan
30 Jan 2019
Big Garden Bird Watch
Miss Jordaan
23 Jan 2019
Astrokyds Invitation
Miss Jordaan
09 Jan 2019
Science - Astrokyds
Miss Jordaan
07 Dec 2018
Science - Astrokyds - 9th November 2018
Miss Jordaan
04 Nov 2018
Science - New Scientist Live
Miss Jordaan
19 Sep 2018



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12 Jan 2017

At Handsworth we know that OUTSTANDING LESSONS are happening because:

We hook the children with practical hands on lessons

Give them opportunity for discussion.

There is constant pupil engagement.

Children are encouraged to ask questions.

The teachers are confident and enthusiastic about teaching.

We are allowing children to discover for themselves.

We link lessons with other subjects.

We are encouraging children to do their own research at school and at home.

We are encouraging links between home and school learning.

We are using computing including songs, interactive webpages and videos.

There is always something for the children to explore.

We create engaging power points to help in planning and delivery of lessons.

Our teachers make sure that they are well prepared to deliver high quality lessons.

We teach children in a variety of ways.

Our lessons are related to everyday situations.

We make things that we can take home.

Children are encouraged to use Scientific Language.

Children are encouraged to believe that they are all Scientists.

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