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Science Space Week - KS2 Assembly

Miss M Jordaan - 13 Mar 2016

Can you twist your tongue like this?
Your body has many different kinds of cells.
Cells also have a nucleus. This is the cell’s control center. Cells continually divide to make more cells for growth and repair in your body. The nucleus contains the information that allows cells to reproduce, or make more cells



Genes are made up of DNA. Genes give  your body instructions for everything it needs to do to grow,develop and live. 

Everybody has an inbuilt immune system which protects it from diseases and germs. 

Here we used dry ice to show how a cell, filled with germs, is about to explode and spread through your body. 
Sneezing is something we all do time to time, but how often do you pause to think about what’s actually happening, in your body, when you sneeze?


A single sneeze can travel up to 20miles per hour. 

Scientists have discovered that it takes just a single sneeze from a flu sufferer to spread germs around an entire room. 


Did you feel the sneeze at the back of the hall?

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing.

How easy is it to 'catch a germ'.

Who can catch the red and yellow germs?

Everyone who shook hands after they touched the 'germs' will be affected.
Can you see the germs on your hands?
 Washing your hands often will help protect you from germs.
Tim Peake and the other astronauts on the ISS need to be very healthy to be able to survive in SPACE.
On this photo they were behind glass at  a press conference (under quarantine) to prevent the spread of germs from the other people in the room. 



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