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19 Sep 2018



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Science - Dippy the Dinosaur

07 Dec 2016

'Explore the Dinosaurs gallery and see Dippy the Diplodocus before it goes on a UK tour.

Step into an incredible world of dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum and see Dippy in London one more time.

In early 2017, the iconic Diplodocus will leave its current home in Hintze Hall to prepare for a tour of the UK.

Before Dippy goes, see all the dinosaurs together, from the roaring T. rex to new additions like the Stegosaurus and the feathered Deinonychus models.

Explore the evolutionary past of the dinosaurs, discover the different time periods they lived in and see world-famous fossils and lifelike models.

Sort the facts from the myths and find out what the Museum's scientific research has taught us about these prehistoric giants.'

Click on the link below to find out more:


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