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Science Space Week - Gardens and Mental Health School Workshop - Rebecca Smith

Miss M Jordaan - 13 Mar 2016

Gardens and Mental Health schools workshops 2015/16
Funded by the Wellcome Trust  for the project ‘Taking a Turn’: mental health history of hospital gardens

Facilitator: Rebecca Smith, gardening therapist and garden designer

We talked about being outside, how it makes us feel, how there is space to be and run around and feel in your body and how this can help good mental health.

We discussed how important gardens have been throughout history, people naturally enjoy being outside. Good all the time, especially when you are not feeling so good.

We did some activities with our senses to help us tune in deeper to our environment.

We found objects around the garden area.  We had to say what we saw and what each of the objects felt like. 

We also had to close our eyes and listen carefully to the sounds around us. 

At first we had a look at all the physical features of blue berries. After a while we were allowed to taste them. 
Not all of us were very keen on the taste of blue berries. 
Once we arrived back in our classroom we made some lavender and camomile bags.  They smelt very nice. 


At the end of the session we referred back to how we felt at the start of the session and we compared our feelings. We discussed the reasons why our feelings might have changed over the course of the session. 
We shared what we've learnt during this session with our friends. 

At the end of the session we wrote a Thank You letter to Rebecca and Michael. We enjoyed the session very much. We were very thankful for the lavender and camomile bags that we were allowed to make and then take home.  We would like to do a similar activity again.

While we were busy with our session another 'seed project' was happening in Space. Tim Peake wants pupils to plant rocket seeds that have been in orbit with him, and compare their growth with rocket plants that have stayed on Earth. This project is called Rocket Science. 
The study will help find ways to grow food in space which will be essential if humans travel to distant planets. This experiment will aim to see if microgravity can affect the growth mechanisms in seeds. He said that the proposed seed experiment would be an important contribution to solving one of the main stumbling blocks to living and working in space for prolonged periods.


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