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13 Sep 2017






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Interactive grammar website for homework and practice for year 4

14 Oct 2013

I've just pinched this website below  from Mrs. Leftwich's site!  The children have recently done a grammar assessment which has informed our future planning.We'll be focusing far more on grammar this half term. You may have seen recent discussions about schools having a far greater focus at secondary level in the news this week. This will clearly impact on us too.  I'll be giving grammar homework along with spellings in the first week back after the half term. Let me know how this goes via the comments section on the homework page. If it's too much each week ,I can alternate spellings with grammar. The website below has lots of grammar games to make learning more fun!   Enjoy!


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Thanks for this. Any particular areas of grammar we should be focusing on? There's a lot of stuff on the website!
Mrs Maria Page - 10 Nov 2013 - 19:01
Hi! Just seen this. Will talk to you Monday too, but just in case. Focus on adverbs,adjectives,pronouns,prepositions and conjuctions(connectives) for now...! Miss L.
Ms Emma Lloyd - 30 Nov 2013 - 21:42
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