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20 Nov 2017
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21 Sep 2017
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13 Sep 2017






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Creativity in 4EL!

15 Sep 2013

As part of our work based around our Picasso painting, we have been doing lots of art and literacy. We observed the painting carefully and did some role play and wrote some character profiles for our chosen characters. We also sketched a chosen character, making it ' our own', some of us adding a horn to make the horse in the painting look more like a unicorn. Have a look on our classroom display to see all our variations!
We then made our own puppets from these  sketches and began to design our own' Victorian style' theatres as a group. The children  had to have 3 scenes/props that slotted into the theatre and decide how they would design an opening for the stick puppets to be operated from. They then began the making process!  They are looking amazing so far and will be ready for you to view at the exhibition on Friday. We have also been working on features of a playscript and have planned and written a short dialogue to be performed in the theatres we have created! We hope to display these dialogues alongside the theatres!  I definitely have a very creative class!  Well done all of you!

We have also been writing and rehearsing our speeches for the School and Eco council elections which took place on Wednesday.Well done for all the hard work you  put in at home and school children a nd parents! The results were so close!  I know the whole class will take a big part in making suggestions to both the School and Eco council this year. However our representatives  for 4EL go to: Maddie for School Council and Maisie for Eco Council. Congratulations!

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