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Check Mate -Chess Blog

30 Sep 2012



Our Chess Blog By 4JL
On Wednesday we played chess. First we played pawns; we took all the pieces apart from the pawns off the board. And if you got to the end or your opponent couldn’t move or if you take all your opponent’s pieces you win. Then we played proper chess and we really enjoyed it. It was very close but Henry won on pawns 4-3 on chess 2-0!
By Henry W and Sam R.J!!!     
On Wednesday we played chess. First we talked about pawns Matthew won 5-1 against me then we played proper chess.
By Owen and Matthew
On Wednesday we played chess. First we played pawns vs pawns Aaliyah won the first match Charlie won the other two 2-1. The other two were with all the pieces.
By Aaliyah and Charlie.
We enjoyed chess because it was a new experience of learning. We made a very good team. We felt that it was properly organised. The chess teacher Daniel was very nicely trained , patient and polite.
By Tilly and Sahma
We  enjoyed it very much  it and it was fun to play and it was a new experience  for me and Sophie  and  would love to do it again.I thought that it was going to be really hard but it turned out to be quit easy and very fun!!!!!!!
By Zadie and  Sophie
Daisy liked learning about all the peaces and  lizzie likes learning about the pieces
it was so fun we love chess.
Lizzie and Daisy playing chess
I  loved doing chess because it is a challenge and I love challenges I liked the chess teacher because he was a good chess trainer.
By Katie and Luc
We are enjoying chess because it is fun and sort of easy. We also like chess because Daniel is a fantastic teacher.
By  Maddy  and Melissa
We realy enjoyed  chess because we got to beat each other. We think that Daniel was the best chess teacher we ever seen.
By Drew and Lois
We like Daniel  and  enjoy chess. We are learning step by step. It is really fun and we really really enjoy it. I never knew how to play chess but now I do.
By Charlotte and Alex
We enjoyed playing chess when we were doing single pawns.  Next time we will learn more about chess.  We are very excited to be learning chess. Thank you Daniel!
By Muhammad, Jude and Ben
I thought Chess was very fun and exciting.   I (Josh GT) had chess lessons before and I was excited to hear that we were having chess at school.  I enjoyed playing chess and feel I will catch on to the moves quickly.  Thank you Daniel.
By Josh GT and Haroon.
I found chess quite easy to play and it was enjoyable and fun!  I enjoyed chess because I beat Bahar!  (joke)  Bahar is very good at it.  We can’t wait until next week’s lesson.
By Nilufer and Bahar
I really enjoyed playing chess because Dylan was a good partner to play with as he had played it before.  It was quite fun but easy just playing with the pawns.  I know quite a  bit about playing the game.
By Dylan and Emily
I enjoyed chess because I learnt some new skills.  Josh was a good partner to play with and we hope to learn more in the next few weeks.  Thank you Daniel.
By Oluchi and Joshua B


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