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28 Sep 2017
Trip to Veralamium Museum St Albans-Parent helpers needed
21 Sep 2017
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13 Sep 2017






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Chembakolli Day

06 Feb 2012

On Friday the 3rd of February we enjoyed a day learning about a small village in India called Chembakolli. 

Sorting key facts about Chembakolli...
James- “It was brilliant I learnt loads.”
Esme- “I really loved today; I hope the next class do it and enjoy it as much as I did.”
Katy- “I had a very fun day.”
Ali- “I thought today was brilliant.”
Charis- “I liked learning about Chembakolli it was fascinating!”
Ben- “I liked Chembakolli day so much I’d like to do it again!”


Exploring artefacts from Chembakolli...

Lauren- “I liked the tea and seeing how Chembakolli people live.”
Anya- “I liked the amazing artefacts.”
Anna- “I liked today because I didn’t know much about Chembakolli now I know so much!”
Martha- “I thought Chembakolli day was great I’d recommend it a million times.”

Role play...

Leyla- “I enjoyed doing some role play.”
Bethany- “I though today was going to be excellent and I was right it was fabulous.”
Lewis- “Chembakolli day was really fun I liked doing the role play and I also liked looking at the different artefacts.”
Lily- “I loved seeing all the photos and doing the role plays.”


Trying some Nilgiri Tea that was grown and picked by Adavasi people living in and around Chembakolli...
Ella – “I liked Chembakolli day it was really fun, I like the tea the best!”
Rachel- “I liked Chembakolli day I learnt they like to drink really milky tea.”
Charlie- “My favourite part was drinking the tea, I could drink it every second of the day.”
Luke- “My favourite part was the tea!”
Joe- “I really enjoyed Chembakolli day especially the tea it was really nice.”
Lucy- “Chembakolli day was amazing. The tea was lovely.”
Maddie- “My best bit was tasting the tea even though I didn’t like it.”

Creating posters about what we learnt...

Dexter – “Chembakolli day was really good."
Asia- “I liked Chembakolli day because we could try out new things.”
Joel- “I loved today.”
Rita- “I liked Chembakolli day because the yea was really nice and there were lots of fun activities.”
Byron- I am speechless it was so amazing to get to know so much about Chembakolli.”


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