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Trip to Veralamium Museum St Albans-Parent helpers needed
21 Sep 2017
Luckily..they're just acting!
13 Sep 2017






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4 EL's visit to Highams park Baptist Church

02 Jul 2014

 "Jonathan was very helpful and showed us round the church. I had a great time looking round it was very interesting. I got to see lots . I really enjoyed the Baptist church and would like to go again some time,"said Amelia.

  " I loved going to the church .I especially loved the baptistry. Jonathan showed us a video of someone being baptised. It was fantabulous! I now want to go to the baptist church more often to see what goes on . I'm glad my best friend's dad owns a church because if I do go then i will see Alyssa outside of school.!!!!!!!!!" exclaimed Ruby.


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