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Spring term projects to be handed in after half term.

07 Feb 2012

Spring term projects due in Monday 20th February

Spring term Project

 We would like you to produce a project about a country of your choice. Below are some helpful Hints about how you could organise your project and what you should include. Remember that this is your project and should be written in your own words!
What is included in your project (page numbers)

Explain what your project is about.

Facts and figures
Languages spoken
Capital city
National flag
What other facts can you find?

Which continent is your country in?
How far from London is it?
How could you get there?
What surrounds the country?

School life
What age do children start school?
What do they learn?
What age do you leave school?

What are some of the counties famous landmarks?

  This is work that should be completed at home however you can use school resources if needed. If you need any help please talk to one of your teachers.

 Your projects will be due in the week after half term (20th February 2012)



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