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Reception Newsletter and Curriculum Overview
04 Nov 2018
Fruit Kebabs.
01 Nov 2018
Repeating Patterns.
01 Nov 2018
RJL go for a walk around Highams Park.
29 Oct 2018
International Day in RJL
25 Oct 2018
Our Classroom.
25 Oct 2018
Phonics in Reception - An introduction!
22 Oct 2018
RJL have lots of fun on a Friday.
01 Oct 2018
RJL enjoy visiting the school library.
24 Sep 2018
RJL have settled well in Handsworth.
24 Sep 2018
Welcome to RJL 's web page.
24 Sep 2018
Reception Autumn 1 Newsletter and Curriculum Overview.
14 Sep 2018







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Mathematics in RIL

25 Feb 2013











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Its so lovely to see all these pictures of our children at work. I popped into the class yesterday and thought how wonderful and colourful the classroom looks. I think Mrs Lucas must keep the children very busy!
Mrs Michelle Lawfull - 07 Mar 2013 - 14:25
Ethan sparked an investigation in our house the day you discussed 3D shapes. We debated over a 3D triangle being a pyramid or a triangular prism. Ethan was most pleased with himself that he stumped us. According to Wikipedia, we were both correct! Terrific lesson.
Mrs Valerie Cox - 12 Mar 2013 - 21:33
Thank you for your comments. I am very lucky to have a class that love to learn and they are always challenging me, so we always have lots of lively discussions. It is also great to hear that they are continuing their learning at home.

I am pleased that you thought the classroom looked 'colourful and wonderful'. Parents are welcome to come and look round the classroom any time to see what your children are up to. Please just ask.
Mrs Isabelle Lucas - 15 Mar 2013 - 00:58
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