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Reception's first day (1CG/JL).

Mrs Giacuzzo - 06 Sep 2016

Image result for first day at school

Congratulations to the Reception children for a fantastic first day yesterday. You all did so well and made some wonderful things. We're looking forward to a great year ahead!
































 (Sorry, some of the pictures are locked sideways and upside down. I'll try and fix this tomorrow!).

Here were some of our favourite things yesterday:

Playing with Playdough - Alicia, Evangeline, Felix, Jimmy, Maya, And Mia.
Drawing, chalk and colouring - Amelia, Aran, Ava, Felix, Harry and Zoey.  
Lego - April. 
Playing with the house, train and fire engine - Franco, James, Mishan, Yusuf and Youcef. 
Playing outside, in the playground, with the climbing frame, with the exercise equipment and with the basket ball - Jole, Leo, Liyana, Masal,Maya, Sophie and Zacharia. 
Story time  and the pirate ship book corner - Ryan and Shaniah. 
Everything - Christian. 

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What super photos! Thank you for the photos, it is lovely to see what they have been doing during their first week.
Mrs Victoria Kumar - 07 Sep 2016 - 21:06
Thanks for sharing these lovely photos it's great to see all the class and what they have been doing. Thank you
Mrs Katherine Judson - 13 Sep 2016 - 20:50
'I really enjoyed playdough', says Zach! Lovely photos of their first day 1
Ms Jess Lammin - 15 Sep 2016 - 18:08
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