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Reception Newsletter and Curriculum Overview
04 Nov 2018
Fruit Kebabs.
01 Nov 2018
Repeating Patterns.
01 Nov 2018
RJL go for a walk around Highams Park.
29 Oct 2018
International Day in RJL
25 Oct 2018
Our Classroom.
25 Oct 2018
Phonics in Reception - An introduction!
22 Oct 2018
RJL have lots of fun on a Friday.
01 Oct 2018
RJL enjoy visiting the school library.
24 Sep 2018
RJL have settled well in Handsworth.
24 Sep 2018
Welcome to RJL 's web page.
24 Sep 2018
Reception Autumn 1 Newsletter and Curriculum Overview.
14 Sep 2018







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Autumn in RIL

07 Dec 2015

























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Wow Mrs lucas.what a fantastic page.it was such a lovely day out to the park thank you.
Mrs Yasmin Ishaq - 08 Dec 2015 - 17:05
Thank you Mrs Ishaq. I agree, it was a great day at the park, great learning carrying on outside the classroom and fantastic behaviour by the children. All the adults were incredibly proud of RIL. Thank you for your support.
Ms Isabella Lucas - 08 Dec 2015 - 21:55
It is always a pleasure helping on trips with RIL. Such well behaved children, aswell as hard-working! Well done RIL!
Miss Cheryl Jones - 09 Dec 2015 - 11:58
Thank you Miss Jones, we enjoyed having you on our trip too. I agree with you, they did themselves & their school proud. In addition, they were great Nature Detectives as they busily set about finding different leaves & other objects. Thank you for supporting their learning.
Ms Isabella Lucas - 09 Dec 2015 - 20:25
It was great to get to help out on the walk. I love how interested and engaged the children were. They showed great team work, listening, respecting, encouraging each other. Lovely. And wonderful art work too.
Mrs Raksha Thakor - 10 Dec 2015 - 13:15
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