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A huge thank you to parents and carers of RCG/JL.
19 Jul 2018
Jelly and ice cream party in reception.
19 Jul 2018
More stories in RCG/JL.
17 Jul 2018
1FB authors share their work with RCG/JL!
12 Jul 2018
We love stories in RCG/JL.
10 Jul 2018
Day 3 and 4 of Magical Maths week in RCG/JL and 3LB.
10 Jul 2018
RCG/JL are Buddy Readers with 1IL
09 Jul 2018
Magical Maths Week in RCG/JL and 3LB.
03 Jul 2018
Epping Forest Trip - Part 2.
02 Jul 2018
Epping Forest Trip - part 1.
26 Jun 2018
last duck update
22 Jun 2018
RCG/JL love stories.
18 Jun 2018
The ducks go swimming!
17 Jun 2018
Summer 2 Newsletter and Curriculum Overview.
12 Jun 2018
Incredible ducks!
11 Jun 2018
Growing Cress.
05 Jun 2018
RCG/JL visit Highams Park Lake.
21 May 2018
RCG/JL enjoy a Royal Wedding lunch.
18 May 2018
RCG/JL have been gardening.
16 May 2018
Reception classes are visiting to Highams Park Lake.
15 May 2018
Art work in RCG/JL.
11 May 2018
Reception newsletter and curriculum overview
02 May 2018
Technology in the classroom.
28 Apr 2018
Exploring our world with technology in RCG/JL
26 Apr 2018
RCG - Thank you!!
Mrs Giacuzzo
27 Mar 2018
RCG/JL - A special visitor.....
Mrs Giacuzzo
26 Mar 2018
Sports Relief in RCG/JL.
26 Mar 2018
RCG/JL visit Highams Park Lake.
26 Mar 2018
Feeding the ducks!
20 Mar 2018
Shiny Pennies
20 Mar 2018
Reception classes are visiting to Highams Park Lake.
14 Mar 2018
RCG/JL Super Science Fun!
Mrs Giacuzzo
13 Mar 2018
RCG/JL - Bring your wheels to school day!
Mrs Giacuzzo
12 Mar 2018
RCG/JL - Surprising Sharks!
Mrs Giacuzzo
06 Mar 2018
Speed stack #3
28 Feb 2018
Speed stack #2
28 Feb 2018
RCG/JL - Speed Stacking
Mrs Giacuzzo
28 Feb 2018
RCG/JL - Snow Day!!
Mrs Giacuzzo
28 Feb 2018
An author visits Handsworth.
28 Feb 2018
RCG/JL Pirate WOW Day
Mrs Giacuzzo
27 Feb 2018
RCG/JL Pirate Pictures
Mrs Giacuzzo
20 Feb 2018
Cooking in RCG/JL
19 Feb 2018
Half term Maths Competition
08 Feb 2018
Reception Pirate WOW day
08 Feb 2018
RCG/JL - Animations of our Favourite Foods.
Mrs Giacuzzo
01 Feb 2018
RCG/JL - 'Bread Roll Faces'.
Mrs Giacuzzo
30 Jan 2018
What can we do with a box?
30 Jan 2018
Reception Spring Term 1 Newsletter and Curriculum Overview
17 Jan 2018
Thank you!
19 Dec 2017
Christmas Party fun in Reception.
19 Dec 2017
Christmas Tree Decorations in RCG/JL
19 Dec 2017
RCG/JL Hour of Code
Mrs Giacuzzo
13 Dec 2017
RCG/JL - A visit from Father Christmas
Mrs Giacuzzo
11 Dec 2017
RCG/JL Christmas Tree Decorations
Mrs Giacuzzo
11 Dec 2017
Celebrating Hanukka in RCG/JL
11 Dec 2017
RCG/JL Exploring Blue Bots
Mrs Giacuzzo
06 Dec 2017
RCG/JL Letters to Father Christmas
Mrs Giacuzzo
06 Dec 2017
Children in Need fun in RCG/JL.
19 Nov 2017
RCG/JL visit Highams Park Lake
16 Nov 2017
RCG/JL and 3LB Buddy Reading Continued.....
13 Nov 2017
International Day in RCG/JL
12 Nov 2017
Visit to Highams Park Lake
09 Nov 2017
Celebrating Diwali in RCG/JL.
05 Nov 2017
RCG/JL and 3LB Buddy Reading
31 Oct 2017
Let's show off the lovely work on display in RCG/JL!
26 Oct 2017
RCG/JL go for a walk around Highams Park.
25 Oct 2017
RCG/JL go on a shape hunt around school.
12 Oct 2017
Walk around Highams Park
11 Oct 2017
RCG/JL have been making shape sandwiches.
11 Oct 2017
2D shape fun in RCG/JL
09 Oct 2017
Newsletter and Curriculum overview
19 Sep 2017
Friday Fun in RCG/JL!
17 Sep 2017
Welcome to RCG/JL
10 Sep 2017






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End of term notice.

03 Jan 2013

End of Term Notice

Dear Parents and Carers

Both Mrs Hussain and myself would like to say a very big thank you for all your support this term, such as getting the children to school on time, ensuring that they have their book bags and being so supportive at home with their learning. It has been a very long term but the children have made a wonderful start to their school life.  Lots of learning has been achieved but we always like to ensure that it is done in an exciting, fun and creative way. The children have made great progress and we both thorougly enjoy being their teachers.

Thank you also for your very generous Christmas gifts and kind words.  They were all greatly appreciated.

We are looking forward to Spring term and there are lots of great things planned, so please keep looking at the web site.  A newsletter and curriculum overview will be posted very soon. 

Finally, we would like to wish you all a very happy and healthy 2013.

Mrs Lucas and Mrs Hussain.

Apologies for the poor quality of the photos of children's written work on Christmas and Biscuit Bear News.  I will make the photos much bigger next time
so that the writing can be seen more clearly.  


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