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'Questioning Children' art work.

05 Oct 2012

'Questioning Children'
Art work by Reception children.

The children were shown the work of art entitled 'Questioning Children' by Karel Appel and were asked 'What can you see?'   Many of the children said that they could see shapes and we discussed the different shapes that they could see.  Some children said that they could see lots of colours and they talked about the different colours.  Finally, they were asked 'How did they feel when they looked at the picture?'  They came up with some super ideas such as 'sad',  'worried' and 'unhappy'.

The children then made their own figures out of junk,  selecting the material they wanted.


They worked together to paint their figures.

The children made pictures of different figures using coloured paper and 'block printing'.  For this the children drew their figure, with a blunt pencil, onto a polystyrene tile, applied the paint using a roller and then pressed the tile onto the paper.  The results were fantastic.

The children's work was then put on display in the small hall for all to see.

This work was all made during the childrens first full week at school. The worked really hard, sharing their ideas and showing great team work.  We think their work is fantastic and we are really proud of what they have made.


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