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Maths Club

Year 1 Maths Club - session 2.
01 Mar 2019
Year 1 Maths Club Session 1
01 Mar 2019
Year 4 Maths Club - Session 2
25 Sep 2018
Year 4 Maths Club - Session 1
25 Sep 2018




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More board games

31 Mar 2015












Our thoughts about maths club this term. 

I would want more maths club because I can learn about prime numbers.

I would come back again. I learnt a lot of new x tables. I really enjoyed it because the games were fun. It made my knowledge of multiplication better by taking my time and my partner helped me. 

I want to come back and have some more maths fun. I've learnt about multiplication and division.

I learnt lots of new skills at maths club, like how to add up quickly. I also learnt how to multiply and I liked it. 

I liked maths club because there were chances that I could win. The games were a lot of fun. I learnt about division and multiplication.

I enjoyed it. I want to go to maths club every day. I love the board games. I learnt how to double numbers. 

I liked it because it helped me to learn. It's making sure that you're good with your maths. It helps you for example when you're doubling numbers. 


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