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Maths Club

Year 1 Maths Club - session 2.
01 Mar 2019
Year 1 Maths Club Session 1
01 Mar 2019
Year 4 Maths Club - Session 2
25 Sep 2018
Year 4 Maths Club - Session 1
25 Sep 2018




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Card games

24 Feb 2015

 This week we played some card games.
We played these games in pairs

The first game we played was SNAP! 

We divided the cards equally between the 2 of us. We held them face down.We then took turns and made a pile of cards by placing one card face up on top of another card. If the 2 numbers are the same we have to call out SNAP and put our hands on the cards. The person who puts his hand on the pile first or the person who's hand is at the bottom is the winner. 

We enjoyed this game because:
1. It helped us to quickly recognise single digit numbers.
2. It helped us with our memory because we had to remember which digit was at the bottom.
3. It helped us to respond quickly.

The second game we played was an ADDITION game.

Each one of us had to take half of the deck of cards. We then had to each place 2 cards face up.  We had to quickly add up the numbers on the 2 cards. The person with the highest total was the winner.

This was a fun way to learn game because: 
1. We used doubles to find the total of the 2 numbers. 
2. We used number bonds to quickly find the totals.
3. We also learnt how to work out the total of 2 near doubles. 

The third game we played was another ADDITION game.

This time we each had to put 3 cards face up. We had to add the totals again. The person with the lowest score was the winner.  

With this game we've learnt:
1. That you can shuffle numbers around to make the addition sum easier.
2. We can use doubles, near doubles and number bonds to work out the answers. 
3. If you add the highest number first it will be easier to get to the correct answer. 
4. If you have 2 or 3 of a kind you can count in their multiples until you get to the answer.


For the last game we did another ADDITION game.

We had to again put three cards face up.  But this time we had to add up the numbers as we put down the cards. The person with the lowest score keeps all the cards. If the total is the same you can keep your own cards. 

To be quick with this game:
1.We had to mentally add up the first 2 numbers, keep the answer in our heads and then add the last number.
2. W
e sometimes used our fingers to help us a bit.  




What do we have to say about these games?

Snap was my favourite game because it is fun and I recognised the numbers quickly. Luke

I like the snap game because it is fun and cool and I was very quick to remember.

I liked snap the best because it was very quick.

My favourite game was called snap because I won and I was good with my memory.

I liked to add the 3 numbers because I learnt that if you have a 9 you can add 10 but take away 1. 

I enjoyed snap because it lasted the longest and I was quick to remember the numbers.

Adding up 2 numbers was my favourite because you had to get the highest and I won. 

I like the snap game because I won vs the teacher and I was quick to get the numbers. Aariz

I enjoyed the snap game because I won and found it easy to remember the number underneath the card on top.

Adding up 2 numbers because it was challenging adding up numbers.

I liked using all the different methods for addition eg. doubles.



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