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Maths Club

Year 1 Maths Club - session 2.
01 Mar 2019
Year 1 Maths Club Session 1
01 Mar 2019
Year 4 Maths Club - Session 2
25 Sep 2018
Year 4 Maths Club - Session 1
25 Sep 2018




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Domino fun

11 Feb 2015

Year 3 Maths Club 

We played a variety of domino games. We couldn't believe that you can play so many games with just the dominoes. 

These games helped us with quick number recognition, number bonds, doubling and multiplication. 

Here are some of the games we played:

1. Share the dominoes equally between all the players. First person place a domino. Next person check if he has a number in his own set that will match one of the 2 numbers on the first domino. If you have one put it next to the 1st domino. Give the next person a go. Take turns. If you can’t match a number, miss a turn. 

Some of us have never played this game before. Once it was explained we didn't want to stop playing it. 

2.  Put all the dominoes face down. Each player picks up 2. Add the total of your 2 dominoes. The person who has the highest number wins all the dominoes. Repeat. The person with the most dominoes at the end is the winner. You can make this game easy by picking up only one domino each. Count the dots and the winner can be the person getting the highest or lowest total...decide before hand what the rule will be. 

We had to explain which method we've used to add the totals as quick as possible - doubling, x tables or number bonds. 

3.  Put the dominoes face down. Pick up 2 dominoes. One is the tens and the other is the units. What is your 2 digit number?  Say the number. The person with highest number is the winner.

Can you remember how you can change your digits to be the biggest number?

4. Another game we played was '4 dominoes in a row'. All the dominoes were face down. We each had to get 15 of the same colour counters. We then had to turn a domino around.  If the total of dots is on the sheet then you needed to put one of your counters on the number. We had to take turns. The winner was the person who got 4 in a row first.

Can you spot the winners on these photos? Luckily we were allowed to play the games more than once....




















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