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This week in 3RT

18 Oct 2013

A few pictures from this week in 3RT.

The group check out how the plants are doing in our very own planter.

Kevin keeps a keen eye on some of the garlic.

Zara overlooks a few shoots from the planted broad beans.

Busy painting our Egyptian masks.

Felix and Woody pose for the camera!

What was your favourite lesson this week?  Can you tell me something that you have learnt during the week?

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My favourite lesson this week was art where I learnt how to paint the lines the same thickness on my mask. I also enjoyed Literacy because I learnt lots of new words like tranquil. Annabel McKenna.
Mrs Siobhan Mckenna - 20 Oct 2013 - 09:02
I enjoyed painting the Egyptian masks. Henry lawfull
Mrs Michelle Lawfull - 20 Oct 2013 - 17:15
I loved the gardening. I think i could do more on the painting.omari
Mrs Colette Machado - 22 Oct 2013 - 17:41
I learnt that the tutankhamun was one of the most famous statues the thing I learnt this week that the tutankhamun was painted gold and blue. Boris
Mrs Sukran Richter - 22 Oct 2013 - 19:12
Today I done maths to work out how many years later they found the tutankhamuns tomb exactly how many years later they found his tomb and the answer is 3258 years later Howard Carter found his tomb. Boris
Mrs Sukran Richter - 02 Nov 2013 - 21:27
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