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Gardening with 3RT

27 Sep 2013

3RT were very lucky this week as Mrs Chatterton visited the class and helped us plant some garlic, daffodils and broad beans for our Science topic this term.  We are all very excited to observe them grow over the year in our very own planter, which is situated just outside the Year 2 classrooms.

 Boris about to split open our broad beans.

 The first group poised and ready to use our planter.

 Our consideration table with gloves on, prepared for planting.

 Callum looking for a decent spot to plant his broad bean.


 Annabel helping to dig the hole for our daffodils.


 Nadeem helps out.

What have you learnt in our Science lessons so far?  Can anybody tell me what plants need to grow?  Why do we need plants?  What is photosynthesis?  What does photosynthesis produce?














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They need co2+water+light. The plant gives out oxygen and glucose=photosynthesis. And I've also learnt a bit about planting. Boris
Mrs Sukran Richter - 28 Sep 2013 - 20:09
The gardening was exiting.omari
Mrs Colette Machado - 22 Oct 2013 - 17:44
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