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RHW did you remember what was in the box?

16 Sep 2014


we thought there might be an elephant in the box so Miss Walter listened
but couldn't hear anything!


 So Seth and Joshua helped to open it 


and inside were more boxes!

Ariel opened the first box and inside was a teddy bear and a letter
The bear is called Freddy and he wrote us a letter asking us to look after him because he was a bit worried about coming to school. We think that he will have lots of fun with us and we all want to be his friend.


Then Toby openend the second box and inside was another bear called Betty. She wrote us a letter to asking us if we would give her hugs when she was scared so we showed her how big our hugs were and she felt much better.

Freddy and Betty will be in school with us every day. Do you think they will have lots of fun?


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