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We made bread in RHW

21 Feb 2018

In Science this term we have been exploring materials

We used our senses to look at food and how it changes when it is chopped, mixed, heated or cooled.

We enjoyed reading the story of The Little Red Hen to learn how flour is made and talked about why she didn't let the other animals eat the bread when she had made it.

We all helped make the bread so we all got to eat it!

Miss Walter weighed the flour

Audrey poured the yeast into a cup before she mixed it with a little warm water.
Can you remember what the yeast smelled like?

Rustam mixed the flour and yeast together

What was the best spoon to use for mixing?

 or measuring the oil?

  Shay helped to mix the warm water in with the flour it got very sticky!




Miss Walter kneaded the bread so it became smoother but got a bit messy!

We rolled the dough into small balls and left them to prove

Can you remember what 'proving' is?

Then we made everyone hungry when we cooked it and they could smell how delicious it was

Finally, we took our bread rolls home and ate them

What did they taste like?


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Reevie loved bread making at school! She said it was yummy. It was a lovely thing for them to learn.
Ms Nishi Bolakee - 22 Feb 2018 - 16:38
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