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2CD maths homework.

26 Feb 2014

Last weeks maths homework:

Some of you received some maths homework last week which was too difficult for the children to do. It was the sheet where children had to write numbers along the lines of the triangle so that each line added to make the target number.

I’m very sorry; I did not see that the children could only use numbers 1 to 9 in order to do this activity. I thought that they could use any number. This is my mistake and apologies for any confusion.

Had the piece of homework been that the children could use any numbers in order to solve the problem, then I would teach it as follows:
Begin by filling in the corner circles as these are important for two lines. Then you can choose any number for the middle of each line in order to reach your target.

Sorry once again for the mix up. You are right in thinking that this activity, as it stands, is too difficult for Year 2! Should you want a replacement piece of work, please let me know, otherwise we can carry on from this week.

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