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Room 101.

07 Oct 2013

Room 101 is a room where we put things we don't like. There is a TV series called 'Room 101' where contestants talk about things they don't like. They try to persuade others that their item should go into 'Room 101', never to be seen again.

2CD carried out their own 'Room 101' debate.

Click on the links below to see and hear the reasons why the children have chosen certain items to go into 'room 101'. Remember to 'double click' on the 'speaker phone' picture to hear the children's reasons.

After listening to their reasons, vote for the object that you would like to go into 'room 101' by leaving a comment in the comment box (remember, you have to 'log in' to do this).  charlotte noah template 5.pptx    dean and raya.pptx    egehan and saffron.pptx    emanuelle and shamailah.pptx    emma and leo 2.pptx    JAMES BETHANY.pptx    kudzaishe Andbailey.pptx    romell and luke.pptx    room 101 template SAM AND E.pptx    room 101 template 4 ellis histriyana.pptx    room 101 template 5 edmound and alstair.pptx    room 101 template 5 zaki and jeyda.pptx    sky victora.pptx  


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I really loved ICT with my partner Emma, because Emma is sensible and we worked nicely together and took turns. Leo
Mr Wayne Garner - 08 Oct 2013 - 19:10
Well done Leo! It is lovely to hear you talk about such good partner work.
Miss Claire Dale - 09 Oct 2013 - 07:28
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