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07 Nov 2012


Today we learnt some new adjectives to describe characters and settings. What's an adjective?

On paper covered tables, with our partner, we had to draw a setting for our story. Following a discussion about adjectives for settings we labelled our setting with three of our best adjectives. We used words such as 'vast' 'mysterious', 'gloomy', 'man-mad', 'enchanted', 'lonely' etc Which adjectives can you remember and what do they mean?

Then we thought of a character which may live in our setting or visit it and we drew this character. Thinking back to our character adjectives from yesterday we chose some adventurous adjectives to describe our character including 'intelligent', 'miniature', 'cheerful', 'crooked', 'lean', 'devious', 'rascal' etc Do you remember what these adjectives mean? Can you think of any more?

Here are our creative plans which will help us to write our story tomorrow!

Following this we discussed what our character was doing at this setting and what time of day the story was taking place. We thought of what could go wrong in our story and how the problem could be solved. I asked the children to close their eyes and pretend that they were their character in their story. I asked them to shout out how they were feeling when I tapped them on the shoulder. What did you shout? How did you feel and why?

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