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Class Dojo

06 May 2014


You will probably have heard your child speaking about Dojo Points. Just in case you are unsure about how they work, here is a brief explanation.

In 2CD, we have eight "Positive Behaviours" which children can earn points for, they are;

- Care
- Courtesy
- Consideration 
- Cooperation 
- Answering questions
- Being on task
- Working hard 
- Neat work

Every time a child demonstrates one of the above, they get a point which goes next to their name on our class page. 

At the end of each week, the child with the most points gets the Class Dojo Box which contains their prizes and every Monday the points are reset to zero so everyone has a chance to start again. 

Last week, the Class Dojo Box was won by Emma. Well done. 



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