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Year 6 Residential

Residential Day 2
04 Apr 2019
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03 Apr 2019
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29 Mar 2019
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29 Mar 2019






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PGL - DAY 3 part 2

13 Feb 2013

Nearly there, although I think the snow has slowed the island (and internet down considerably), I will endeavour to get this uploaded before 10pm tonight... The disco video unfortunately is struggling to export, therefore will have to sort this when we return to civilisation tomorrow - for now enjoy seeing the teachers have some fun!  

Sleep well ...

(This is the modified video -  04/02/2013 10:50)

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Hiiii gorgeous we miss you sooooo much!! Hope you did lots of dancing at the disco tonight, make the most of it we can't wait to have you back. Huseyin has been so quiet and miserable without you, he said he's playing all your games on the iPad (clash of clans)..... Can't wait to see you on the day 3 part 2 video clip!!!!
Love you lots MUMMY , ALI , HUSEYIN, and BABY BROTHER xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Miss Dervise Bayramoglu - 13 Feb 2013 - 20:34
I miss you so much Alex, see you tomorrow. ps you're the best sister in the world even though I sometimes say I hate you. Love you bye. Elliot xx

Hi Alex, Mummy here, can't wait to see you tomorrow to give you a big squeeze (and a bath), and yes, that really was Elliot xx
Mrs Suzan Naish - 13 Feb 2013 - 20:50
Hi jude it's really quiet here!! Hope you had a great time and enjoyed the activities and the disco. The washing machine is on standby ready for all those muddy clothes. See you tomorrow. Lots of love Mum dad Robin and Holly.
Mrs Madeline alderman Alderman - 13 Feb 2013 - 20:53
Hello Mackenzie - I hope you have been strutting your stuff at the disco. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Have a good nights sleep and try not to be so grumpy when you answer the door in the morning - I want to see a big smile instead. Lots of love Mum & Dad xxxx
Mrs Mandy Seeburn - 13 Feb 2013 - 20:58
Hello George hope you had a fun filled day but now to the more serious business of the disco don't forget everything I taught you so I want to see you busting some moves and remember when it comes to the slow songs you can ask a girl to dance it's not a crime although the boys may think so oh and don't forget to request some chas and dave love Dad xxxx
Mr John Curtis - 13 Feb 2013 - 21:15
Hi Maaisha I hope you had a great day today and enjoyed the disco love you loads cant wait to see you and hear how everything went xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mrs Marina Khan - 13 Feb 2013 - 21:54
hello James,strange without you about mate,but your back tomorrow[hooray]bet you all have had a great time in there.Have you had any mud fights?you all look worn out, was it the tasks,or late nights?dont want to see any clean clothes or that you used the soap,enjoy the disco mate,no chatting up the girls,or drinking [lol]best change your pants, nan will be checking,take care, love john
Mrs Kerry Hunt - 13 Feb 2013 - 22:13
Hi Chris,
It was great to see you in your cabin, hope you haven't been keeping your room mates up with your snoring :-)
Have you finished the secret stash??
We are sure you enjoyed the activities today and the disco this evening, have a good night sleep as you have a long journey ahead of you.
Can't wait to see you, and hear all about the trip.
Love mum, dad & Matt xxx
Mrs Belinda Doudrich - 13 Feb 2013 - 22:25
Hello James, I'm so excited as tomorrow your home, although after a fews days of you here I may what to send you back ha ha. Hope you've had fun at the disco. No one does gang man style like your mum. Remember to wash your clothes before you come home. Joking.. Ram them in whatever space you find, or better still use someone else's bag to keep your one clean.
So can't wait to hear the stories. Love you and miss you so much.
Mum, Dad and Chas xxxxxxxxxx
Mrs Kerry Hunt - 13 Feb 2013 - 22:32
Hello Lily, hope you enjoyed your last full day and had a bit of a boogie at the disco, I can't wait to see you tomorrow, home just isn't the same without you. Lots and lots of love, Mummy, Rob, Amber and Caitlin xxxxxx
Mrs Lisa Clarke - 13 Feb 2013 - 23:03
Enjoy the last day at PGL. See you all on Thursday afternoon.
Miss Marianna Jordaan - 14 Feb 2013 - 00:17
Hello Maya....we are all really looking forward to seeing and hearing about your adventures - safe journey home sweetheart.

Plus a big thank you to Jon for keeping us all so well informed. The videos were greatly appreciated.

Best wishes to all, Nic, Lorna, the rabbits and the fish xxx
Mr Nic Lee - 14 Feb 2013 - 00:33
Hi Daisy, hope you had a good time at the disco last night. Enjoy the last day there, can't wait to see you tonight!

All our love,
Daddy, Phoebe and Laura. xxx
Mr Jamie Dewar - 14 Feb 2013 - 07:11
Good morning camp Handsworth - enjoy your last morning and have a safe trip back - am sure you have all done Handsworth Primary proud. So looking forward to seeing you later Amy and hearing all your stories and reading your diary that you were tasked to do ! See you later mum dad and Joseph x
Mrs Karen Darnborough - 14 Feb 2013 - 07:22
Hope the disco was brilliant and you all enjoy your last morning at little Canada. Safe journey home. Can't wait to see you bethany xxx ps you looked like you we're having the best time on the high ropes!
Mrs Lara Crombie - 14 Feb 2013 - 07:51
Last edited on 14 Feb 2013 - 07:55
Morning Alex and Liam enjoy your last few hours, can't wait to see you and hear all your stories, safe journey home love mum and dad x
Mrs Angela Brockway - 14 Feb 2013 - 07:52
Hi All Enjoy your last day at PGL. Good luck with the packing! Look forward to seeing you this evening Jack and can't wait to hear all about the holiday. Love Mum, Dad, Ben and Molly xxxx

to jack are you having a good time loev mum dad ben molly
Mrs Caron Hennessy - 14 Feb 2013 - 08:07
Good morning Camp Handsworth, hope you all had fun at the disco. Hope you all have a good morning before you start your journey home. Looking forward to seeing you Gracie and hearing all your stories. Safe journey home Handsworth, oh thank you Jon & co for keeping us updated its been lovely watching the videos. Lots of love Mum & all the Scooby gang xxx
Mrs Anna Charie - 14 Feb 2013 - 08:09
morning fantastic video again brilliant work Jon, cant believe there coming home to so looking forward to see Shannon its been far to quiet here, cant wait to here all about it, see you all soon safe journey home to you all xxxxxx
Miss Michele Livermore - 14 Feb 2013 - 08:11
Morning! I hope you enjoy your last morning and hope you're all ready to come home. Wishing you all a safe journey back, can't wait to hear all about it Maisie. See you soon. Thank you so much Jon for the fantastic videos, it's been the highlight of my day x x x x
Mrs Lucy Edwards - 14 Feb 2013 - 08:21
Have a safe trip home year 6.
We can't wait to see you Chris, the house is not the same without you (it's far too quiet, even Matt thinks so)!
We are going to miss these videos, it has been great to share these moments even though we are not there.
Love mum, dad & Matt xxx.
Mrs Belinda Doudrich - 14 Feb 2013 - 08:46
Dearest Miss Pattimore. Thank you for showing us your face. You were soooo brave. You made our day. Well done to Mrs Watson too. Did you have a dance at the disco too... Can't wait to see the video. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, we are still missing you!!!! 3JP
Miss Marianna Jordaan - 14 Feb 2013 - 09:12
Morning Lily, hope you have fun with the activities today, safe journey home and I will be seeing you very soon. Love you lots and can't wait to see you. Mummy xxxxx
Mrs Lisa Clarke - 14 Feb 2013 - 09:20
James, have a great day son, cant wait to hear all about it!
See you later, Love Dad, Mum and Charlie xxx
Mr Danny Hunt - 14 Feb 2013 - 09:42
Hi Maaisha you brave girl I love you soooo much have a lovely safe trip home thank Jon for me for the video it made my dayxxxxxxxx
Mrs Marina Khan - 14 Feb 2013 - 10:23
Not long James and your be home. Charlie's left you messages on your bed to read.
Can't wait to see you. You've got some valentine day cards. I wonder who from?
Big big thank you to all the teachers, looks like you've had as much fun as the kids.
The videos have been fantastic. Well done to you all, gold stars for you all.
Love you loads James.
Mum, Dad and Chas
Mrs Kerry Hunt - 14 Feb 2013 - 10:49
Hi Samuel, Bobby , Bethany and Mackenzie ,
All the kids and Amanda at ACT 2 Drama hope you have a had a fab time ,
We watched you all in drama yesterday , sorry you missed the auditions and Valentine treats ... Hee hee
Arrive home safely and have a lovely half term
Love from all at ACT 2 xxxxx
Mrs Amanda Goodwin - 14 Feb 2013 - 12:52
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