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Eco School

Our new Eco Council
18 Oct 2017






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Our beautiful School Grounds!

03 Dec 2013

Have you seen our new Eco addition?  Has any one seen any birds flying in yet?!  Another one will be going up at the back of the Oak tree soon.

Seen this? This is where we put all our fruit and garden waste. It's nearly full now!
Our new water butts help us to use water that would have been wasted from the guttering on the roof. We can use it to water the plants.
I'm sure you've seen our 'Pencil' bins. Much nicer than the old ones I'm sure you'd agree!
We can measure temperature, humidity and rain fall at this Science Weather station.
This is our 'Hot bin' for composting. It was full a while back and because it's made of polystyrene it will heat up the food waste inside it and compost it more quickly. Then we can put it on our plants and vegetables in our garden area to give them lots of food!
These logs are here to attract insects. Have a look around! You should see some.

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Thanks for your comment! Have you seen the other bird box Mike put up on the oak tree? Emma,can you be my bird spotter and let me know if you see any birds going into the boxes? Also ,have you noticed that nearly all the bird food has gone from the bird feeder? Thanks for being such an active member of the Eco Council! Miss Lloyd
Mr Thomas Hardy - 13 Dec 2013 - 16:56
Last edited on 14 Dec 2013 - 13:15
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