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Literacy: BIG questions????

23 Jan 2014

'Let your voice be heard!'

Is there always HOPE in any situation?
Dylan:  I think that if you believe then there's always hope.
Sophie:  There isn't always hope because if you are getting beaten up you can't really do much.
Sam:  I think NO because if there was always hope then nothing bad would happen and people wouldn't be punished.
Sahma:  YES because you should always think positive!

Should we always do exactly as we are told?
Muhammad:  I think it depends on the situation because if someone told you to jump off the cliff you wouldn't do it.
Emily:  NO because you can get hurt but if it is a teacher telling you to do your work then YES.
ALEX:  I think it depends largely on the situation .

Are stories important?
Oluchi:  YES because they can teach you lessons about life.
Haroon:  I think stories are important to gain new knowledge.
Lizzie:  Stories are important because they let your imagination go wild.

Is life one big story?
Luc:  NO because you don't live forever.
Owen:  YES because you experience different moments like in a story.
Josh GT:  Life is a big story with a beginning and end like birth then death.
Henry:  Life isn't one big story because where a story is the same everytime you read it if you were to live your life again it would be different everytime.

Have words got power?
Melissa:  YES because certain words can change your emotions.
Nilufer:  YES because if you make a promise you have to keep it.
Katie:  Words don't have power because they cannot control you or someone.

Should every story have a happy ending?
Tilly:  NO because it will be boring to read stories but for childrens stories it should be happy otherwise they will think that the world is a sad place.
Is the hole in a donut part of a donut?
I would love to read your opinions please leave your comments below!
Many thanks,
Mrs Chetty

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I really enjoyed the big questions!!Melissa😄
Ms Samantha Sheridan - 04 Mar 2014 - 16:18
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