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Y5 International Day 2017 - Mexico!
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06 Oct 2017
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Miss Jordaan
05 Oct 2017
English - Outdoor Learning
Miss Jordaan
05 Oct 2017






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Literacy: Peoples Poem

13 Nov 2013

In Literacy we have written poems on people
using adjectives and metaphors.

Please read our poems and leave your comments below. 

He is a tiger sneaking about trading,
A flashing jewel,
A bold librarian,
A emerald boat sailing away,
He is unpredictable,
A bouncing frog,
An exotic drink,
A colourful cloak,
A gambler taking risks,
A yellow submarine.
Josh GT

She is a calm sea,
A blooming flower,
A peaceful butterfly,
A bottle of sparkling lemonade,
A red Ford disappearing over the horizon,
A soothing cup of tea,
A friendly dolphin,
A safe submarine,
A proud peacock,
A piece of elegant white silk,
A relaxing evening.

He is a stick of chewing gum,
A silky seal skin,
A fizzy lucozade,
A metallic lotus speeding around the track,
He is a plate of BBQ ribs,
The barrel of a AK47,
A milky hot chocolate,
The sunny blue sky,
A werewolf disguised as a puppy,
A space rocket,
A night star.

He is a practical joke,
A much watched TV,
A figure moving into view,
A colourful clown,
A all in one cinema,
A powerful man disguised as a fool,
A madman or a genius,
A clown's red nose,
He is the stage,
A pair of glasses that makes your vision funny,
A painting with a strange moustache,
A man who goes up in Snakes and Ladders.



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