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5KC: School And Eco-Council Reps!

11 Sep 2013

Henry's speech which earned him his votes!

Today, I am asking you to vote for me to be your class representative for the Eco-council.  I will be proud to represent you because you are such a lovely class to represent and I want to share 4 reasons telling you why I'm the right person for the job.
The first reason is that I really want to get the green flag which is the highest eco-schools award and it is not only displayed on the eco-schools website, but we also get a massive green flag over our school which can be seen for miles around.  One of the main reasons that I want to get it is that no other school in Waltham Forest has it and I want us to be the first!
The second is that I am great at bringing people together to form a team, which is one of my goals needed to get the green flag.  I will help us all to collaborate and to get the best out of each other as together, we can be victorious in our efforts to win the green flag.
The third reason is that I am really enthusiastic about this subject and would really thank you if you voted for me because I will make sure I put all my efforts into this because I believe strongly in it.
The last reason is that I have all the goals printed off of the eco-schools website and can get the
eco-council to work towards them.  If you want to see any of these goals please see me after the speeches are over.
I hope that you have heard and understood these reasons and that I may be seeing you again as your new eco-council representative.  Together I hope that we can get the flag first and beat any other school in Waltham Forest to it.  Thank you for listening. 

Tilly's speech which earned her her votes!

I wish to be your candidate for the school council and here are a few reasons why you should vote for me.
If you elect me I will try to make sure there is more football time, better wet play equipment and more clubs.  The new clubs I will create will be ICT, cooking, chess, craft and a movie club.  I will also try to update wet play games and hope to make them more exciting.
I will try to make sure the football time is extended and in different areas.  Thank you for listening.

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Tilly is delighted to be 5kc school council member.
Mrs Jo Wakefield - 08 Oct 2013 - 20:02
Oluchi thinks that Tilly and Henry's speech's were amazing, they really deserved it
Mr Adisa Stephen ezeocha - 09 Nov 2013 - 08:43
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